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I do get what you are saying, for sure. I just added a Trek Top Fuel (2020) to my garage along with a new Enduro. Guess which bike is more fun on most of the trails I ride? Yup, the XCish one. I can load the bike so much easier on the tiniest of trail features and absolutely smash corners (well, as much as I can smash anyway). Its fun to be able to throw a bike around. But it also gets overwhelmed on the more legit DH stuff (very very quickly).

By far one of my favorite bikes was the OG Transition Smuggler. 115mm out back and 130 (well, for me 160) up front. Lots of fun was had on that...

Without getting lost in some nostalgia, I really do think we need to be pointed with the question "what are we trying to do with the bike". The same way I don't want to ski a DH race ski outside of a ski DH course, I kind of don't want to ride my enduro race bike outside of a real enduro track, as they are starting to become more like a real DH bike that can be pedaled. Not the "trial bikes" of yesteryear.

Its funny that we, the greater mountain bike collective, keeps going for longer, slacker, faster bikes, when 95% (or more?) will never race and never put the bike on a legit DH course. Kind of like the guy rolling around on 35s who gets 13mpg and will maybe see dirt in his truck 1x a year. lol.

Still, I think some of Chris's theories translate to the non racer, especially how to think about bike design, and being more quantitative with your measurements, leaving weight at the door. Its this "way of thinking" that I feel is more infectious that "what he's saying".

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@teamrobot isn't wrong. Robots are never wrong.

What you are describing however isn't new, nor is it isolated to mountain biking. I have zero idea what the number is but my two cents worth of a guess is 95% of all the shit marketed to dudes never gets used near to its potential nor heritage by which it was produced. Dirt bikes. Mountain bikes. Snowmobiles. UTVs. Fast cars. Powertools. You name it. Most guys buy shit and come nowhere near using it to the degree it was engineered.

I remember bumping into a really fast enduro rider before enduro was a thing 10 years ago. I just got on a bike with a (at the time) super slack 65 degree head tube angle (not a dh bike). I was complimenting the ride, but also described what you did above. He basically said, yeah, we like it, but the masses like it too because it makes them less likely to go over the bars and just makes riding safer. He wasn't wrong.

There are side benefits to all of this. Point is, even if you are right and a steeper, less travel bike is more well suited to the terrian, sucky riders still can likely stay upright longer on a bike with relaxed angles, giant tires and more travel. they feel *really* good about it when it sits in his garage after the ride while he sips an IPA thinking how he's basically Richie Rude. We're males. Our egos are dumb AF (and I put myself in this category, too)

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He's just a salesman.. his tactic is to get the consumer to question what they already have by pretending to be the 'expert'.

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I'll be 50 next year. when my son turns 15 in 10 years, I'll be happy Ebikes have gotten so good! Thanks bike industry for progressing faster than my rate of aging.

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That's a foolish way to think about it. There's a lot of grey area when it comes to whether something is a manu defect or consumer error. Companies with lifetime warranties are saying they can cover that grey area indefinitely. That costs money, because every single manufacturer has problems at some point. Companies with a limited span on their warranty don't necessarily make an inferior product, they simply don't have pockets deep enough to do that given the volume they sell.

Again, take Santa Cruz and their Reserve wheels, where they literally just ship you a whole new wheel, hub, spokes and all, when you break one. That's frickin awesome, but how does it communicate that they have confidence in their product? Literally everyone I know with a set of Reserve wheels has had at least one warrantied. They build the cost it takes to have that policy into the price of the wheels, while taking into account the volume they sell.

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The new XTR hubs aren't dead silent though- that technology never got released. I've heard they are quieter than most, but the "Scylence" technology does not exist in real life.

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I think it’s funny that people think they need more than seven or eight gears .
If it’s the same ratio of gears why do we need more?
We are more than seven gears right now because no one who rides a bike understands we’re better with seven. It works better, you have the same ratio and you saved a whole bunch of parts .
You save money you saved weight you shaved shifting problems. Thank you for nine now bring us seven !!!

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I had been thinking about changing to a 1x10 from my current 1x11, just because of always having to change two or more cogs at a time. This has convinced me 1x10 is the way to go.

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For the second time, did I say it sucked? I just said I'm *not sure it deserved the 5 star rating*. Simple.

I never said Shimano shouldn't make 12 speed. I never asked for 14 gears. I never suggested a pizza worthy 60 tooth was the answer to a problem I never identified.

I just said "how is a product that achieves the same thing as a product 1/2 the price worthy of such high marks"?

I'm still not sure, others seem to really think the product works better under load. I must need to hit the gym or shift in worse spots I guess, as "better shifting under load" too is a solution to a problem I just don't have.

Overall, I'm sure XTR is rad, I'm sure its butter smooth. I just don't see the juice being worth the squeeze for everyday riders, and think its worth cutting through some of the cognitive bias to note this considering its premium price, and lack of technological improvement in the space.

Simple as that really.

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