Finally a home state race, and a big one at that. A short hour and a half drive led us to one of the most fun races of the year. Winter Park turned out to be a great venue for Nationals and the track was a challenge. Enjoy Episode 4! 

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Harrison Ory and Wiley Kaupas take on the U.S National Championships in the home state. Rooted MTB

Wiley was super fun to watch all weekend. 

Harrison was fun to watch in both DH and slalom, but sometimes he ruins perfectly good picture with a wild air wheelie just to troll us. 

That's better.. 

Thankfully Steve and Amanda Wentz put up with us in when sharing Airbnb and somehow still have the energy to go fast all weekend. 

Jill Kintner was on fire all weekend, winning in DH and in Slalom.

Thanks for watching! And thank you to Specialized, The Fix, and Dirtlabs for keeping this fun going.

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RootedMTB 7/29/2019 11:47 PM

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