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How should you set up your brake levers? Well there is no right and wrong, as long as you properly tried and understood what works and does not for you so you can make the best decision. 

I run my brake levers pretty flat, and this is why:


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Remy Metailler Remy Metailler 5/6/2020 9:42 AM

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Tried flatter levers, always felt awkward to me. Maybe if I rode in the Alps or Squamish every day. Agree you should try every setup but personal preference does factor in.

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I keep trying it because it makes sense, but it's always really painful in my wrists. never even lasts a whole ride.

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Height could have something to do with it. Remy, Loris, and Yoann are flat brake lever guys and they're all pretty short. But Florent Payet is 9 feet tall and he runs them pretty flat, too.

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That makes a ton of sense that a longer bike would put your body in a different/more horizontal position. Seems like it'd be the same if you ran a super tall handlebar height- you'd want flatter levers to compensate. Also makes sense why BMX bikes that have shorter top tubes and lower handlebars feel weird with a flatter brake lever.

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Good point, yes I did not mention it, but it does. The bigger your bike is for you, the flatter you normally run your brakes. Because that changes a bit the actual reach.

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