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Jamie Goldman

Jamie Goldman

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Liked a comment about feature Red Bull Rampage 2013 Shaping Up - Course Photos and Videos 9/29/2013 7:46 PM

Soooo....lets remind people here. You're not forced to hit wood at Rampage, Darren and Brandon both had podium worthy lines without touching any wood. AND!! IF you want to hit the wood, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT THERE!! The top of the course is no joke. It's not a damn boardwalk down to the icon sender, it still takes commitment. If you ride slow and look scared on the way to the wood features, it doesn't matter what you throw, your not going to score well for the whole run. When zink 3'd the sender, he charged to it. Sorge hit it last year after riding a burly line above it, people seem to forget where this event is being held, it IS still Rampage.

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