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has anyone *actually* checked unsprung weight of USD vs normal forks? Magnesium is pretty light...

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Would consider but alas I drive a Buick

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Who thought it is a good idea to use 50 shades of grey and Orange/More Orange/Kinda Red colours for those graph lines? :D

Otherwise it's super interesting stuff. Especially the trends over time.
Also funny to see how much money US people get thrown at them. My bike is...more

Added reply in a thread Fork oil discussion - brands, cold temps 10/24/2019 8:16 AM

I'd recommend using the uh recommended fluids for whatever suspension you have. We do seal compatibility testing with the fluids and can only guarantee the stock fluid won't swell or shrink the seals. Different suspension fluids from the same company ... more »

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Thibault checkers or wreckers.

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you bent a set screw in the eyelet- shouldn't affect the performance at all provided you can still leave the lever in the correct locations for riding. (pointed down for open mode and 90 degrees for lockout) This was a common issue- the newer RL models ... more »

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99% sure you can do that with a pike 150. buy 120 spring: https://www.worldwidecyclery.com/products/rockshox-debonair-spring-upgrade-kit-120mm-fits-pike-b1-revelation-a1-2018

Added a comment about photo PIT BITS - Lenzerheide World Cup Downhill 8/8/2019 6:52 AM

this seems sketchy- forget what gear you're in and you'd have a big problem.

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With everyone making the same tires and there being so many competitors, why haven't we seen the cost of tires come down to a reasonable amount for what the product actually is? Have tire companies formed like an OPEC like organization to keep prices high?

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One thing I'd love to see Vital start doing is some form of rolling resistance test. This should be easy to replicate and is super important when picking a tire.

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Ah fair enough. I have similar issues with declaring all the world cups I've won

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Loic and Finn switch to Maxxis in 2019 and dominate. Gwin, Mulally, Moir switch to Kenda, not so much.

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Yeah- I can't stand the DH casing Maxxis- they only come with their sticky MaxxGrip rubber and roll SLOW. Great for lift/shuttle riding but I can't pedal them. DoubleDown usually comes with the faster rolling MaxxTerra rubber and seems a good compromise ... more »