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YT Capra 27 CF 2018 - Freeride Mullet edition 11

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Frame: YT Industries Capra CF 27
Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Coil. Misc.: 250x75mm (180mm)
Fork: RockShox Lyrik Ultimate. Misc.: 180mm
Headset: Acros AZX-203. Misc.: ZS44/ZS56
Handlebar: Sixpack Kamikaze 780. Misc.: 20mm rise
Stem: Spank Spike 35mm
Grips: DMR Deathgrip
Brakes: SRAM Code RS. Misc.: 200/200mm
Shifters: SRAM GX Eagle 1x12
Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle 1x12
Chainguide: e*thirteen TRS+
Cranks: Race Face Turbine 170mm
Chainrings / Sprocket: Race Face Cinch DM 30T
Bottom Bracket: Race Face BB92
Cassette / Rear Cog: SRAM XG-1275 GX Eagle
Pedals: Sixpack Kamikaze
Front Rim: Other Race Face Aeffect R 30. Misc.: 30mm inner, 28h
Rear Rim: Spank Oozy 395+. Misc.: 35mm inner, 32h
Front Tire: Maxxis Assegai 2.5 DH
Rear Tire: Maxxis Assegai 2.5 DH
Saddle: SDG Duster
Seatpost: FOX Transfer Performance 150mm
General Info
Model Year: 2018
Riding Type: Freeride
Additional Info: Geometry: HA 63.7°, STA 74.7°, Reach 446mm, BB height 355.6mm, Stack 624.2mm, WB 1233.8mm

Vital MTB member Daniel_Tudor Daniel_Tudor 3/10/2020 11:19 AM

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Stop lying!, there is no "attack" on you're ethnicity. It is like someone would be offended because they're from Texas. Stop with the BS, please.

Signed, a keyboard warrior! wink

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And I like how you avoid addressing the pictures with the measurements which I've posted smile
They should have been enough to end the discussion.
Don't be embarrassed, just say "I am Eugen and I have no idea about bikes" wink

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smile) I don' t avoid anything. Maybe they are correct or maybe you 'fabricate' the bb height. Only you know the truth. Me, watching some pictures on a phone, cannon tell for sure.
If they are real, 2 off-set bushings should do the trick. If they aren't real(the pictures), they(the bushings) should still help.
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The build is nice but the geometry is ruined. The rear wheel axle height is lower than the bb. The front also..and that's a 29er.
Also, he lies in the height of 355.5(350.5 stock) when only from switching the tires, from e13 to assegai, gained him 3mm. Not to mention the 29" wheel in front(19mm more height) and higher axle-to-crown from having a 29" fork instead of 27.5. Mega BS. Like I have said, it is a ruined geometry.

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And the keyboard warrior award goes to... You really go with comments everywhere you see the bike? laughing You missed a few places though smile
First, your numbers are wrong. I've added 3 new pictures. BB actually a bit lower than initially estimated with
Second, as said to your other comment, your analysis is wrong because you don't consider the sag I run, the type of trails and the style of riding. Many parameters in a bike geometry and kinematics are compromises, you earn something, but loose somewhere else, so depends what you want. Not all trends are by default good, including very low BB, depends if they fit you. And this, if it was not obvious is a custom build, not a mass produced bike.

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A keyboard warrior with 2 bike of the day(because I don't want to fully expose all my bikes) and with all current bikes being fully custom(from color scheme to custom/especially build frame parts smile) )

So, from an owner of real custom build bikes pov, your bike is just a pimped up barbie glitter design. Zero thought has been invested in the most important aspect of the bike, which is...the way it effin' rides.
High(in %) make me laugh; stats from web?, get a ruller and show us the numbers. Then again, really, it isn't necesarry, as this type of flawed design is visible from outher space. What you say is a joke; anyone who knows 'bikes' will tell you how much BS you speak and how wrong you are. Your bike is just for show off, a glitter barbie doll. You probably have the same capacity in skiing, the same mental capacity..aka, you know exactly nothing.
(de fapt, se stie ce si cat puteti voi, moldovenii smile)) )

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laughing Duude, take it easy. Nervous that the toilet paper was gone? smile
I took the ruler and added the pictures with the numbers. I wrote that... Bad vision from the high blood pressure I guess.
Regarding your lame attack to my ethnicity (written in Romanian)...really? So low you go?
Anyway, all the best!
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