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How would Santa Cruz know? Just keep the stock stuff and put it on for photos if you ever have an issue.

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the first sentence of the article says "trek invited us to mammoth." i feel that's pretty transparent. like grambo mentioned, they hosted us. this is a long-time practice in any industry unveiling a new product for editorial consideration. additionally trek is NOT a current advertiser on our site. this may not be obvious unless you're really paying attention to the ads on our site. despite that lack of support from trek, we still used our own time and resources to attend their camp because we wanted to ride their new product (specifically the "updated products" also mentioned in the first sentence...the e-bike, something we don't really get excited about, was there, so why not ride it?). trek makes rad, relevant stuff, we want to ride. our staff are not (and have never been) paid by brands to write articles that get published under vital's editorial voice. brands do have the ability to create an account to post their own press releases on our site. if they want it promoted on the homepage, they can pay to do so. those posts are visibly marked with "promoted post". again, transparent. if you haven't read the vital-specific reviews on our site, dig on in. you'll find the respect is there for our reviews throughout the MTB community. we've lost advertisers over 2-star ratings in the past. can't say that doesn't hurt, but we're not giving a 2-star product 4 or 5 stars if it's garbage. if the product doesn't pass the test, it doesn't pass the test.

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Liked a comment about feature What Do Riders Think? Seven Disc Brakes Reviewed by Vital MTB Members 6/17/2018 7:44 AM

Talking about shimano without mentioning the leaking pistons that eventually happens to all of them, every single model is only part of the picture. It's a key component to why those things have to be pumped up. They will always eventually get air in them though that mechanism. Sometimes it's within a week of being new, sometimes two years. But they all do it.

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