Pacific Northwest - Yeti Cycles 6

After years of seeing imagery of the lush green trails from the Pacific Northwest have overwhelming influence on the media and culture of mountain biking, we decided it was time to go experience the rich dark loam of the coastal regions for ourselves. So in the spring, we dusted off our trail bikes, packed up the rig and headed north to see what we could find. Be sure to check out the full feature at

Filmed by: John Reynolds & Craig Grant
Directed by: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White

Riders: Richie Rude & Joey Schusler

"Tracking, North of 63 Degrees Latitude" by Form and Fate
"Run Home" by Align in Time
"Stories" by Align in Time
Credit: Yeti Cycles

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 12/6/2012 1:31 AM

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I'm 1month into a broken colar bone and broken rib, this video makes me stoked to heal and get at it. Spring can not get here soon enough!
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This video is the answer to my friends and family back east that wonder why I'm still out here after 20yrs. It's also reminding me that I need to get out there and ride some loamy goodness!!
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Before the Super Bike, my 575 had no equal. Now, there is a better fit for my life. Must. Have.
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