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Added a new video SUSPENSION - Norco Optic C9.2 from Test Sessions 3/28/2017 6:08 PM

Watch 110mm of travel doing its thing on Norco's ART suspension platform, then read the Vital MTB Test Sessions review of the new Optic 29er.

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Added a new video TEST RIDE - Norco Optic C9.2 from Test Sessions 3/28/2017 6:21 PM

Getting excited aboard Norco's new Optic 29er. Read the review.

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Added a comment about video Brutal Bootleg Canyon - Reaper Madness DH Track with Steve Wentz 3/28/2017 8:51 AM

we used a gopro hero 4 black and evo gimbal. ironically the gopro 5 black doesn't work well w/ the gimbal b/c of motor noise. you have to go load old software on the gopro 5 to basically trick it from using all the speakers (one of the speakers sits right where the gimbal motor is), hence running the 4.

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Added reply in a thread The U.S. Downhill Racing Thread 3/27/2017 1:17 PM

pics from reaper madness practice,10908/2017-Reaper-Madness-DH-at-Bootleg-Canyon-Photos,113718/sspomer,2

Added a comment about photo Richie Rude and his Yeti SB5c 3/27/2017 1:16 PM

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Updated photo album 2017 Reaper Madness DH Photos 3/27/2017 12:51 PM

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Added a comment about photo Casey Brown and her Trek Slash 29 3/27/2017 12:32 PM

fixed. thanks

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Updated photo album PIT BITS - Enduro World Series, Rotorua, New Zealand 3/27/2017 10:12 AM

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Added a new slideshow Toughest Day Ever? Wynner, Wynner - EWS Rotorua Race Day 3/27/2017 9:52 AM

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Started new thread Griz's Transition Patrol Stolen 3/27/2017 9:49 AM keep out a keen eye for Griz's Transition Patrol with brand new Deity goods. stolen at Bootleg yesterday. #hangallbikethieves

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Added a new video Downhill Bikes Braking - Bootleg Canyon 3/26/2017 5:19 PM

DH bikes take a lot of abuse and have to perform under a variety of conditions. One of those conditions is hard braking in rough terrain. Bootleg Canyon has a really good section of trail to observe this in action. There's a steep, fast section that leads into a hard, bermed right turn. Over the years the track has been eroded away and braking bumps have turned into braking drops but the lines constantly evolve and it's an exciting section of track to see the bikes work. Watch as some of the fastest racers at Reaper Madness attack the section. (If you don't know the difference between breaking and braking, you may have thought this was all about carnage, LOL

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RESULTS: 2017 Reaper Madness at Bootleg Canyon 3/26/2017 5:07 PM
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Added a new video Brutal Bootleg Canyon - Reaper Madness DH Track with Steve Wentz 3/24/2017 6:29 PM

The rocks are sharp, the tech is legit and the g-outs will pull your fillings out. Steve Wentz takes your for a full lap of the 2017 Reaper Madness Downhill course at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada. The trails are Armaggedon to Snake Back. The DH race is on Sunday, March 26th and there's a strong field of amateurs and professionals participating in this annual staple of DH racing in the U.S. Pssst...we got a gimbal.

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Added reply in a thread 2017 Racing Rumors 3/24/2017 5:34 PM

mike day on giant and full squad announcement,1502

Liked a comment on the item EWS Rotorua Stage 4 with Sven Martin 3/24/2017 5:15 PM

Clearly Chris Ball is on a 29er pulling away from Sven. btw I had no problem with the camera angle, I guess some people just have a bad habit of looking at a front tire

Iago Garay's Santa Cruz Hightower 3/23/2017 11:01 AM
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Added a new video EWS Rotorua Stage 4 with Sven Martin 3/23/2017 9:01 AM

Sven Martin takes a wild ride down the fun and mostly-flowy Kung Fu Walrus trail in Rotorua. This is Stage 4 of the EWS race this weekend. Enduro World Series Slideshow from Rotorua

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Added a new slideshow FANTASY LAND - The 2017 Enduro World Series Kicks Off in Rotorua, New Zealand 3/23/2017 9:22 AM

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Added a comment about feature Aaron Gwin's 2017 World Cup YT Tues CF 3/21/2017 11:59 PM

The Gwinside Line is live. Sneak link for commenters here : ),1681

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Vital MTB's The Inside Line Podcast - Episode 6 - Aaron Gwin 3/21/2017 11:26 PM
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