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New thread Road Trippin' 6/28/2015 7:35 PM

You won't be hearing much from me in the coming month, which may come as a relief to some, as I'm heading off on a month long road trip to Alaska and back. We're actually taking a ferry for the last bit to see the coast and avoid the bad roads for the ... more »

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Reply to MTB INFLUENCE 6/28/2015 7:25 PM

That's an oddly worded question, but I'll see what I can do for an answer... I was a teenage roady back in early eighties in SoCal. My first MTB was a sort of a factory Klunker in the form of a Schwinn Sidewinder. It was a straight tubed beach cruiser ... more »

New thread No Love for Nyquist? 6/22/2015 6:31 PM

I guess that I was wrong to assume that Ryan Nyquist tagging along with his Haro teammate Greg Watts to Leogang Austria for the 26 Trix contest would be some biggish news? He's one of the nicest guys in BMX and now he's dabbling in MTB. There are a lot ... more »

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Reply to What do you wear? 6/16/2015 5:33 PM

If you want to ride far, you need some padded britches. Just buy the cheapest chamois you can find to start and then run them under an appropriate pair of shorts. I like Dickies work pants cut off to just above the knee. but that's just me. A breathable ... more »

Reply to Syndicate is not a trade team 6/12/2015 7:49 PM

I wonder if the turns came after the original straight trail? For ease of climbing?

Reply to DH Dual SL in the Midwest 6/8/2015 7:23 PM

I'm just a low level forum mod. I have no power over such matters. But this is the perfect opportunity for someone local to step up and provide some content for the site. Photographers (like maybe the one who took all of these fine shots.} or local videographers ... more »

Reply to DH Dual SL in the Midwest 6/8/2015 7:05 PM

Make's me wish that I had a travel budget. Well done Sirs! and Sisters! Race on!

Reply to DH Dual SL in the Midwest 6/8/2015 5:01 PM

I like the counter symmetry of the bottom of the track. Nothing I remember from a Sea Otter or any other race for that matter. I guess they do it in Speed and Style but this first in my mind for the Slalom. Keep shaping to keep those groms riding!

Reply to Another Procore Failure - Discuss 6/8/2015 4:55 PM

I can't "like" your comment here, so I'll just quote you to the world... Given that road bikes run such high pressures on such tiny rims and rim makers surely use similar technology on our heavier DH rims, I don't think that the inner chamber pressure ... more »

Reply to can i jump this? 6/5/2015 6:11 PM

If there is a transition and full suspension, then both wheels at once. If it's a static drop to flat, way rear wheel first. Just watch any Danny Mac or other trials video. It all depends on the bike and the situation. Like Sspomer said any bike can ... more »

Reply to GT Sensor Vs Cannondale Trigger 6/3/2015 5:12 PM

Enjoy your new GT Sir.

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 6/3/2015 5:10 PM

Perhaps he just needed a team name to sign up under and doesn't yet have a new one? He wasn't in the latest team video.

Reply to What rims? Dj 6/1/2015 8:43 AM

I'm with the Kid.

Reply to Only one w/out dropper post????!! 5/29/2015 8:08 AM

A guy just can;t catch a break around here huh Trailhead. Being 6'7", I always wanted a RASE post with ten inches of travel as the difference between my trail and DH seat heights is eleven inches.

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 5/22/2015 4:58 PM

"For reasons we cannot discuss, unfortunately Alex Bond will not continue racing for The Orange Dirt World Team this season." It sounds to me like lawyer talk for there was a "Discussion of differences." aka a yelling match or fight. Just guessing.

Reply to Pike RC convert to RCT3 5/20/2015 6:24 PM

Rock Shox and most other manufacturers (Manitou!) are really good about making a chassis that many different dampers will fit in. It just makes good financial sense given how much a fork lower mould costs. A simple free cartridge swap, compliments of ... more »

Reply to Insane speed along cliffside PoV video, spain/south america? 5/20/2015 6:16 PM

I'd say that's still pretty gnarly for that kind of speed. The drop off the right side seemed worse at the beginning. That left hand hill crest turn had me on the edge of my seat. Given that, the White Line trail still wins. Or that one in Switzerland? ... more »

Reply to Noob Here.. Need advice.. 5/20/2015 6:10 PM

I'm not sure which bike is which, but I'd say go for the 180mm travel with the 65 deg HA. (Santa Cruz fan, Spec detractor, but I'll stick with that statement assuming it was Santa Cruz that got it right.) Just about any bike can get you up the hill, ... more »

Reply to DH Dual SL in the Midwest 5/16/2015 6:58 PM

Just private message the dude. Hover and click on his avatar and ask him what you want to know. Or else type what you just typed and wait. I guess... Imma' do it, just to beat you to it.

Reply to DH Dual SL in the Midwest 5/15/2015 4:15 PM

Sweet! You're making me regret living here in Central California.